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Lynda Adelson

To create her wide variety of art forms, Lynda uses an assortment of materials, including acrylic paint and mediums, watercolor, pastels, oil pencils, oil chalk, handmade paper and other media.
Additionally, she uses fresh water pearls, antique buttons and beads, her own origami creations, magazine clippings, downloaded images and found objects for collage and her popular one-of-a kind greeting cards.

Michael Adelson

As a skilled colorist, Michael works with vibrant, saturated colors and hues not found in nature. Michael digitally enhances all his photographs, inspired by the natural splendor of the Cambria area and images taken during more than three decades of world travel. Michael’s passion for photography began at the unlikely age of nine and has continued throughout his life.

Ruthanne Anderson

After retiring from teaching classes in weaving, sketr, and English, we moved to Cambria, California, a small arts community on the central coast.  We also have a home in Durango, Colorado which we head to in the summers.  Both Cambria, by the sea, and Durango, in the mountains, are artist's paradises.  The colors, the scenes, the accepting attidues of both communities, tempt and encourage the artistic senses to be free to express their vision.

Carol Jean Attoe   

2 and 3 Dimensional Art: While ceramics has been my focus for thirty years, I have also expanded into combining it with other media including fiber, glass and found objects. I am instinctively drawn to ancient themes and the natural world as sources for my work.

Mike Bauer

Mike has a passion for the outdoors that spans his life. It was only natural for him to bring this same passion to his paintings, done in pastel. Taking his inspiration from the early California impressionists, Mike captures the beauty and the light found in the California landscape.

Rosemary Bauer

Rosemary is a California native now residing in the central coast. While other areas also provide inspiration for her paintings, California landscapes have always been a favorite subject. Currently she favors using acrylic paint 'en plein air' for a spontaneous, impressionistic style.

Dianne "Lady Tie Di" Brooke   

A resident of Cambria since 1981, she has been creatively involved in the community in numerous ways from acting with Cambria Little Theatre to teaching kids how to tie dye in after school programs . She has exhibited at the Allied Arts Schoolhouse Gallery and Casa de Oro and has sold her tie dyed clothing, jewelry and assorted other projects in craft fairs around SLO county. She has written a weekly column in "The Cambrian" newspaper since 1999. 

Doreen Deppler

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Doreen experiments with found objects and antique treasures to form collages. Her watercolors, mainly landscape, floral and still life are from life or from her photographs. Visitors to her studio often remark on the variety of work including greeting cards printed on an old fash- ioned washing machine wringer.

Linda Dunn   

In my paintings I hope my viewers will be taken away to a relaxed place as they reflect upon the fog laden coastal range or view something that they can identify with from their past experiences.
I usually paint with oil but often experiment with other mediums.

Penny Fitzgerald   

Residing in Cambria and as a Creative Director of her own digital design agency,
Ms Fitzgerald has always been drawn into medium of painting. Over the last 15 years she has volunteered her skills as a muralist in Los Angeles and locally, yet, her transition into fine artwork on canvas has only been recent. Living and working in a beautiful environment was immediate inspiration. In her endeavors into fine art, she is capturing the influences of her everyday view-experimenting with the look of the earth's landscape as they are submerged with ethereal light, energy and beauty.

Tom Gould

Click here for his artwork page

Here on the Central Coast, nature presents an ever-changing spectacle of visual stimulation, the work of geology, water, air, light, plants and animals; grand dramatic vistas as well as subtle distinctions that almost elude the eye (and the mechanics of mixing pigments). A challenge as well as an inspiration, since moving to Cambria.

Patricia Griffin


Visitors are welcome to my studio gallery, 880 Main Street, where I etch designs that resemble woodcuts and scrimshaw on handmade vessels, wall pieces and functional stoneware pottery. My studio is a converted one-room schoolhouse.
Come by and ring the bell! New work and studio updates are featured at
Email: Patricia Griffin

Sandi Heller

There are times when I’m hiking that I am captivated by a scene and can’t wait to get home to recreate the feeling in pastel. I’m looking for value contrasts and interesting compositions. I enjoy pastel because of the intense, rich color created by the almost pure pigment. It captures the intensity of our blue skies and ocean, the vivid colors of the many wildflowers, the greens and golds of the hills.

Sue Johnson   

It is the light that inspires me to paint!
I love the way the sunset back lights a cypress tree along the coast. The way the sun bounces off of grapevines in a vineyard. I want viewers to feel this same mood or excitement I feel when I spot an old building, a beautiful landacape or foggy coastal morning.

Debbie Josephson

Since childhood Debbie has been a very frequent visitor to Cambria and the Central Coast. Since childhood she has been an artist, beginning drawing and painting at a very early age. Later in life she learned Chinese brush painting from master painter Ning Yeh. She feels she has discovered gold, with the spontaneity, freedom and honesty of this dynamic method of painting. She wants to share that beauty and joy with the world.

Stephen Kellogg

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After 37 years as a community college biology instructor, I'm finally free to pursue a life-long desire to do art. Before retiring in 2000, I enrolled in art history and a variety of studio art classes, with a focus on ceramic sculpture. The scenic beauty of the Central Coast has prompted me to take up watercolor painting. The two media are often complementary; one medium inspires fresh ideas in the other. I'm never bored, even with my short attention span. -- Stephen Kellogg

Chris Kratt   

Chris is a self taught artist who has painted with Oil on Canvas for many years in her spare time. Since retiring she paints at her home in Cambria and Shaver Lake. She specializes in Wild Life, Seascapes and Rural America.

Larry Le Brane

Larry Le Brane's eclectic designs blend a love for unusual materials & detailed craftsmanship with a street-wise & academic background. Larry received an M.F.A. from Otis Art Institute in L.A. then taught fine art at Orange Coast Community College for 30+ years. Now living on CA's Central Coast, Larry currently works with diverse 2D & 3D mediums. He combines castoffs with colorful fused glass & innovative materials into eye-pleasing creations. Fans also enjoy Larry's paintings & drawings of local scenes, plus his local art workshops.

Holly McCain

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Drawing and painting has been Holly's passion since she could hold a pencil.
She received her BA from San Jose State in Art-Interior Design in 1972.
Holly now lives in Cambria, CA and paints primarily in watercolors and acrylics. She especially loves plein air painting with the Wednesday Irregulars.

Nancy McKarney   

Nancy has been a resident of Cambria since 1994 and a photographer of her surroundings decades prior to that. Everything around her fascinates her and is suseptible to being caught by her camera. Some images are left untouched, others altered within PhotoShop for the desired "Cambria Impression". 
An assortment of her photos are available for sale online in archival quality prints and notecards.

Shannon E.A. McNamara
Plein aire artist   

Oil, watercolor,arrylic, pastels, mixed media and photography.
Member of Artists Groups & Exhibitions:
Allied Art Association
San Luis Obispo Art Center
The Wednesday Irregulars
Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, Florida
Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, Ca.

Laura Mennella


Laura enjoys sparks flying and molten metal. She attended welding school in 1994.
She shows her work in San Luis Obispo County and is inspired by nature and the creatures that live on her Paso Robles Horse Ranch.  Email to:Laura Mennella

Brian Morrow   

Brian Morrow is a published nature and wildlife photographer.

Suzette Morrow   

Suzette has been working in the field of visual art for 20 years. She holds a BFA from California State University of Bakersfield and teaching credentials. Suzette works in a variety of media.

Loretta Novak

Click here to view her Artwork   

I attended San Francisco Art Institute and Chouinard Art Institute where I got to play with shapes, colors, and volumes. Now I work mostly in oil, starting a canvas out-of-doors and finishing it in my garage.

Sam Peck


My interest in photography came out of being a life-long “travel rat”. I worked for Thai Airways at Thai’s headquarters in Bangkok, and traveled throughout Asia, the subcontinent and Europe photographing the many exotic destinations the airline served. In 2002 I moved back to California’s central coast and resumed my passion for photographing remote and exotic places.

Erin Perry   

I've spent my life doing many things; jazz musician, junior high teacher, homesteader, opera singer, but have found my true calling in the visual art world. I work in mixed media, collage, assemblage and altered books. I love incorporating found objects - the rustier the better into my art - so if you come across any, drop them off at the library for me!

Shirley Pittman


Cambria Artist

Judy Quitoriano

Judy Q has been married 37 years and has one adult child. She is committed to creativity and has been showing for numerous years having had several one woman shows. She has won many awards for her work and works in a variety of Medias. A native of California, she is influenced by the diverse cultures and terrains of her home state. Her works have been sold to fund various causes for well-being in her community.

Lynn Rathbun   

My interests are pretty diverse, and they all show up in my work. 
Whatever I’m excited about painting at the moment often determines the medium, and lately working in encaustic has been very liberating and great fun.
Painters who inspire me most are Da Vinci, Vermeer, Matisse, Bonnard, Klimt and Schiele. But the greatest joy and delight of all comes from the beauty and diversity of Nature, and my fellow artists.

Marsha Rebstock   

Multi-Media Fine Artist
Cayucos, California

Kathi Rippe


Kathi is a member of the Central California Watercolor Society, the Allied Arts of Cambria, and she has been a member of the Wednesday Irregulars for several years. Kathi works with collage in her studio and plein-air with the Wednesday Irregulars. She also does mosaic.

Michele ‘Mike’ Smith

Click here to view her Artwork    

I love bright bold colors that can fill your soul. Nothing on earth is like painting and it is soooo therapeutic After retiring from the hectic life of Laguna Beach and a Law and Order profession, I found Cambria an Inspirational environment to bless myself doing the things I truly enjoy PAINTING!!!!!!!!!

Claudia Solomon

Click here to view her Artwork

Claudia Solomon discovered early in life that she was drawn to many mediums in the creative arts, but paint became her passion. As an adult, her early roots were in decorative painting. She has received many commissions for murals and furniture. In addition, she has taught in Southern California and Cambria. She enjoys giving guidance to others in their artistic endeavors.

Nadi Spencer

Nadi Spencer's goal is to capture her passion for nature and life with color, living her life as a professional artist for 40 years. Her vibrant, bold, colorist style allows her to paint landscapes, animals, and fiction with equal flair. She has recently branched out to capture the beauty of California's central coast, especially the town of Cambria. Nadi paints every day in her studio, inviting people in to sit by the fire for a cup of coffee. You can watch the progression of her work on her website,

Doug Stenhouse

Doug is a plein-aire artist who paints and exhibits his watercolors at various venues about the East and West coast.  His background as an architect allows him to produce superior images of buildings and boats, landscapes and seascapes.  He's particularly known for his renderings of grain elevators and other kinds of farm buildings. Douglas Simms Stenhouse, MTWS, NMWS, KWS

Jan Walker

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After leaving a career in the medical field I was able to explore the world of art. trying oils and acrylics and finally discovering my favorite medium, watercolor. I love the spontaneity of colors blending uniquely on the paper .The inability to completely control the paint is to me half the fun.

Clarence Weiss   

Clarence began plein-aire painting on the quais of the Seine and in the streets of Paris. Clarence is now painting on the shores of the Pacific and in the quaint streets and beautiful surrounding areas of Cambria.

Bobbye West-Thompson

Click here to view her Artwork

Bobbye is a fourth-generation Californian and loves having relocated to the central coast. The vibrancy of her pastels is also seen in her watercolor images. Although a relatively "new" painter, she has won awards in juried shows in Northern California and Oregon.

Jeanette Wolff

Jeanette is a well known multi-media artist of the California Central Coast. she has been a competitive artist for over 40 years, has judged art shows, owned an art gallery, taught many workshops, and demonstrated for various art organizations. She is a signature member of several national and regional art organizations.

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